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Musician Tips

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Musician Tip 1
Every musician should consider putting together a musician's survival kit of some sort. This kit should include things like extra audio equipment accessories, tools like pliars, wire cutters, tuning keys, etc., first aid (band aids, etc.), and miscellaneous items necessary for musical emergencies.
Musician Tip 2
Get in the habit of keeping two of everything on hand at your studio or rehearsal studio. It helps to have a couple of keyboards, two guitars, two drums, etc. Keep all good and heavy equipment at the rehearsal site, while having a smaller, lighter instrument offsite for additional rehearsal time inbetween band or group rehearsals. This saves on time for setting up as well as wear and tear on the good equipment.
Musician Tip 3
Be on time to band rehearsals and gigs! If you're late, it can cause a stressful situation. Remember, you play an important role in your band. They are counting on you to be responsible enough to show up on time and do your job. After all; that's why they're paying you.
Musician Tip 4
PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! Be sure to know the song you're learning almost to the point you have it memorized. This way, you are not holding up everyone else by trying to learn your parts at the last minute. Do your part to be prepared. It makes it easier on everyone.
Musician Tip 5
Leaders, be open to suggestions from fellow band members. It never hurts to try something new. Some musicians are very schooled and/or very experienced... or maybe simply very creative. Listen to their input and consider their musical ideas. That's why you hired them. They're not just robots that want to be told what to do.

Musician Tip 6
Record your entire show. Afterwards, go back and watch your show, and keep an eye out for ways to improve on your performance. Your audience will appreciate it, and you may be surprised to find that a few simple improvements could increase your fans!

Musician Tip 7

Always carry a recorder, or pen and paper. You never know when inspiration is going to hit you, and you want to make sure you record that next great lyric before you forget it.

Musician Tip 8
Remember to have fun! Music is a way to express yourself, and let your audience know what your thinking. Less enjoyment means less inspiration, and less music to give your fans.


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